Video: Leftover Salmon

Article excerpt from Gary Schwind’s album review, Published on AXS

Leftover Salmon is still going strong on ‘Something Higher

Any band who has been making music for close to 30 years must be doing something right. Leftover Salmon is one of those bands and on the new album Something Higher, it shows that it is as good now as it ever was – even after almost 30 years.

“Show Me Something Higher” is a tune that is sure to grab your attention. It isn’t a song that fits easily into any one category. Part of the melody brings The Band to mind, but there is a big soul component to this song also with the horns and the organ. In the instrumental break, you get a healthy dose of rock both in the piano and the guitar. If a horn section sat in with Chris Robinson Brotherhood, it might sound a little something like this.

“Analog” is another song that’s hard to ignore. The rhythm has almost a tribal feel to it while the banjo rolls along like in old-time bluegrass. The theme in this song is something that has cropped up more often recently. Some of the lyrics are “Don’t want no digital. Just give me that analog.” When you hear this song, it’s hard to argue in favor of digital. Not only will it boost your mood, but the sound seems to surround you. Whether you listen aloud or with earphones, do yourself a favor and turn up the volume for this one.

The band shows it is not afraid to deliver a heavy and timely message with the song “House of Cards”. The lyrics cover everything from stolen elections to corporations calling all the shots. You have to take notice when you hear the lyrics. “It’s oil, money, and weapons. They don’t care about you.” Ultimately the message comes around to “This is not who we are. Love is gonna win again.” The melody is darker than some of the songs on the album, and wouldn’t feel out of place on a Tom Waits album.

“Winter’s Gone” is a song that could become an anthem for a lot of people – especially since snow has lingered in so many parts of the country so far this year. With the banjo and mandolin, this song is definitely rooted in bluegrass. You can’t help but have your spirits lifted with the upbeat melody and the lyrics about everything turning green and winter going away.

Fans of Leftover Salmon won’t be disappointed with this album. People who are new to the band will easily be won over by this album. With the combination of bluegrass, rock, and soul, this is perfect for road trips.