Music Production Services


Most of what I do consists of managing a record from beginning to end on some level. Sometimes that means managing the budget to get the best situation for what money is available, sometimes it means helping a band or an artist solidify arrangements, or put studio musicians together for solo artists.  Sometimes it means staying out of the way and letting the band do it’s thing and just helping to facilitate the best environment for that to happen in.  Often I co-produce with bands, artists or other producers.  We figure out together, create consensus.  The most important thing for me is making a great and original sounding record.

Of course, even when I’m not producing, I engineer records for recording artists and producers all the time.  I have available to me several situations that make recording affordable for everyone, and at the same time, I am not married to any particular studio or recording situation.  I’m as happy to fly off to your city or town to make your record as I am to make it in a studio nearby me. I’m also just as comfortable on tape as I am on Pro Tools, so the medium is also flexible.  One of my 2-3 Recording Studio bases is equipped with a Studer A820 with built in Dolby SR and it is a stellar sounding machine, so I’ve been recording on tape a lot these last few years.  I tend to fly everything in to the box and edit in and mix from Pro Tools, but if you can keep your number of tracks to 24, who knows?! My basic idea is not to have any rules or preset concepts.  Every record is unique- it’s all about what kind of record we want to make together- and I learn a lot of new stuff every time I make a record.

I do get hired a lot to simply edit.  I mostly do it for record labels, producers and engineers, or bands that I know pretty well.  There are a lot of pragmatic reasons that editing can be important, regardless of the supposed soul-ripping it is rumored to do to a record.  This might sound cheesy, but I edit with the intention of keeping the soul in a record.  I think it makes a big difference to approach it that way.  Sometimes editing can actually help avoid myopic decisions that can kill a record by losing the larger perspective.  When perfection is achieved by doing something too many times, the performance can lose energy and freshness, intention and story.  That is something I know how to help with, ironically, by providing the right kind editing skill and approach.

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