Gregloiacono Songsfromagoldendream 1

Greg Loiacono – Songs From A Golden Dream

Album Credits

David Simon-Baker as Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Recorded at Allegiant Records, San Anselmo Ca
Artist:Greg Loiacono
Album Title:Songs From A Golden Dream
Record Label: Poncen Music

Featured Tracks

  1. 02 Ship Of Fear Greg Loiacono 4:24
  2. 04 Mahalia Mornings Greg Loiacono 5:45
  3. 08 I Can’t Be Your Anything Greg Loiacono 6:24

Album Song List

  1. The Red Thread Part I (The Gloaming)
  2. Ship of Fear
  3. Tell It To The Trees
  4. Mahalia Mornings
  5. Please Let Us Be Friends
  6. The Red Thread PART II (An Interlude)
  7. Sunny Day Blues
  8. I Can’t Be Your Anything
  9. Away From The Stones
  10. Bus Ride Blues
  11. The Red Thread Part III (The Day’s Long Wind)