Mother Hips Pacificdust 1

The Mother Hips – Pacific Dust

Album Credits

David Simon-Baker as Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Recorded at Mission Bells, San Francisco Ca / Laughing Tiger, San Rafael Ca
Artist:The Mother Hips
Album Title:Pacific Dust
Record Label: Camera Records

Featured Tracks

  1. 03 Jess Oxox The Mother Hips 3:38
  2. 04 Lion And The Bull The Mother Hips 3:08
  3. 05 One Way Out The Mother Hips 3:34

Album Song List

  1. White Falcon Fuzz
  2. Third Floor Story
  3. Jess Oxox
  4. The Lion and the Bull
  5. One Way Out
  6. All In Favor
  7. Pacific Dust
  8. Young Charles Ives
  9. Are You Free
  10. Bandit Boy
  11. Cheer Up Champ