The Mother Hips – Days Of Sun And Grass

Album Credits

David Simon-Baker as Mixer, Mastering
Recorded at Mission Bells, San Francisco, Ca
Artist: The Mother Hips
Album Title: Days Of Sun And Grass
Released: 2011

Featured Tracks

  1. V2 01 Smoke The Mother Hips 4:34
  2. V2 06 Stoned Up The Road The Mother Hips 3:41
  3. V2 13 Magazine The Mother Hips 4:19
  4. V3 06 Lady Be Cool The Mother Hips 8:30
  5. V3 08 Gold Plated The Mother Hips 3:30

Limited Edition 4-CD Box Set. Includes 80 page booklet. Limited to 1000 copies.

To commemorate 20 years of California Soul, The Mother Hips released a limited edition 4-CD box set entitled ‘Days of Sun & Grass’ containing unreleased outtakes, demos, B-sSides and live cuts from 1990-2001.’ The band and their archivist uncovered countless hours of tapes from the Mother Hips vaults to come up with the 4-plus hours of all unreleased music chronicling eleven years of the band’s history.

The collection is spread out over a 4-CD set – each CD representing a different era of the band’s career. Volume One traces the bands’ evolution at Chico State University from 1990 – 1992 when founding members Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono were an acoustic duo and includes early sketches of fan favorites illustrating the progression to their four-piece rock ‘n’ roll band. Volume Two concentrates on their road-weary hard-partying major label days and includes outtakes from this period’s recording sessions.  Volume Three focuses on their sobered-up days releasing records for independent labels and when their songwriting became more concise and focused.  Volume Four is a radio appearance CD most notably featuring the first known interview with Bluhm and Loiacono while they were students in the Chico State dormitory and within a week of their first show together when they were known as Ali and the Cats, and is very telling of what’s to come.

Along with the 4 CDs, the box set includes cover art from Sierra Nevada Brewery artist Jason Roberson, an 88-page booklet containing vintage photos, posters, press articles, and extensive liner notes on each track from the band and those associated with the recordings, and paints a vivid aural and pictorial history and explaining why the band has been so special in the early years as well as proving why they are even more relevant today.

Album Song List

Volume One 1: Man, It’s Gonna Be Great

  1. Sasha’s Song
  2. Mother Hips
  3. Good Day Basketball
  4. Mountain Time
  5. My Life As The Opposite Gender
  6. Highway (live)
  7. Dark As A Dungeon
  8. Don’t Go So Fast
  9. The Reason Why
  10. Ten Tiny Fingers
  11. Whiskey On A Southbound
  12. Embrace Me Love Of Death
  13. Freedom
  14. Verses Of Mark
  15. I’m Not Sayin’ (instrumental)
  16. Sister Lee (Dai Dum)
  17. Lonesome Satellite
  18. “Precious Opal” Answering Machine
  19. Picture Of Him
  20. Mary’s Begging
  21. Fifteen (live)
  22. Rock With The Rock
  23. Fumbling Parade (live)

Volume 2: Stoned On 1993-1996

  1. Smoke
  2. Probe Explodes
  3. Virginia Mountains
  4. Transit Wind
  5. Know By Know
  6. Stoned Up The Road
  7. The Message (live)
  8. Engagement Ring
  9. Suburbian Child
  10. Please Don’t Worry
  11. Danielle’s Hands (Acid Mix)
  12. I’m Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas (live)
  13. Magazine

Volume 3: Out, Far, And Onward Yet 1997-2001

  1. Song In A Can
  2. Kansas City Southern
  3. Tired Wings
  4. Sleepy Eyes
  5. Incredible Man
  6. Lady Be Cool
  7. I Can’t Stay
  8. Gold Plated
  9. Somewhere In Your Mind (live)
  10. The Blimp Of Freedom (instrumental)
  11. Third Floor Story
  12. The Doomsters
  13. Such A Thing
  14. Tiera Deavers
  15. Rich Little Girl
  16. Why Not Your Baby
  17. Father Come Quickly (live)

Volume 4: A Series Of Questions 1990-1996

  1. KSCS – Chico, CA 1990
  2. KRFD – Sacramento, CA 12/28/93
  3. KRFD – Sacramento, CA 2/9/94
  4. KNRX – Denver, CO 2/9/96