David Simon-Baker, touring as the sound engineer for ALO’s 2009 Tour De Amor, was invited on stage to perform with giant pink sombreros during their Moe’s Alley performance.

As Guadalajara Joe pranced around the stage and donned each musician with a pink sombrero during “Nacho Monkey,” Zach announced that he was going to “liberate his inner animal” and that he did; with great vocal prowess he scatted & crooned his way through snippets of the Doobie Brothers “Black Water,” the 1962 Gene Chandler hit “Duke of Earl,” and “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” The band came back and encored with “Lady Loop,” from the new CD and with the audience singing the “nah nah’s” they tossed roses into the crowd and left the stage.

David Simon-Baker as Engineer
Produced by Jack Johnson
Recorded at Mango Tree, Oahu, Hi
Artist: ALO
Album Title: Man Of The World
Released: 2009
Record Label: Brushfire Records