Hybrid Music: ALO

Alo Rosesclover 1

The band’s fifth studio album Roses And Clover is co-produced by the band, Robert Carranza, and Dave Simon-Baker. Recorded at The Barn, which was an actual red wood barn turned recording studio located in the foothills of Santa Barbara, California.

The songs are irresistibly catchy and phrased with soothing esthetics that feel like a tropical drink quenching your palate.All four musicians in ALO sing; keyboardist Zach Gill covers lead vocals, and guitarist Dan Lebowitz, bassist Steve Adams, and drummer Dave Brogan handle backing vocals. Additional vocals are provided by Jenna Lebowitz on “Try” and “Lady Loop” with alto saxophonist Evan Francis and trombone player Adam Theis on “Try.” Though the variables for each song change, there is an upbeat vibe pulsating through the rhythm sections and a jazzy tingling in the piano coasts that’s indelibly enticing.

It’s hard to determine which song feels better than another because each one has something to like. “Maria” is loaded with elated rhythmic beats and bopping piano notes. “Empty Vessel” has a bluesy piano stroll with emotive vocal shifts and “Try” is a citrus mix of reggae and folk. The title track has pop-funk gears reminiscent of The Band. “Monday” is reefed by soft soul and folk milieus and “Shine” integrates balladry accordion textures in the cubes of smooth So-Cal pop. ALO effuses inlays of jangle-pop organs and beach-pop keys and tambourines which enhance the jazz-folk tones.

David Simon-Baker as Producer, Engineer
Recorded at The Barn, Santa Barbara Ca
Album Title:Roses & Clovers
Record Label: Brushfire Records