About David Simon-Baker

Music Producer, Recording Engineer, Protools Editor, Studio Musician

DAVID SIMON-BAKER is a California based Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Protools Editor and musician.  He first began studying music with Neal Harris in San Rafael, then with Paul Smith and Martin Fricke at the College of Marin.  Dave then went on to U.C. Santa Barbara and began focusing on Music Composition.  While at UCSB, David began his engineering career by working for the Associated Students Program Board, providing live sound engineering for on campus concerts.  He also studied at Kerr Hall Studios, where he expanded his skills doing scoring work for film.

After college, David started his own recording studio, which he quickly outgrew and began an association with Ari Rios and Laughing Tiger Productions in 1996.  He became a primary contributor to the growth and success of Laughing Tiger.  While there, he worked with an impressive and diverse array of artists, engineers and producers in a variety of styles.

In 2006, David branched out and started his own studio, which he maintained for 3 years.  He then met producer Tim Bluhm, of the band The Mother Hips, and the two decided to join forces. Together they formed a production team and a recording studio in the Mission District of San Francisco called Mission Bells and produced many albums together from early 2008 to 2012.  Once Mission Bells closed its doors, David continues producing records in the Bay Area and in Sacramento at various studios although primarily at Laughing Tiger and Allegiant Records.