Man Of The World

By:Dennis Cook

“When we played the poet Bay Blues Festival [in Australia] a whatever eld ago, he category of became the ordinal member for that set, where we alternated between Jack’s songs and our songs. It was like, ‘Really? Wow, that’s a beatific band!’” says Brogan.

“We category of hit the aforementioned scenery and everyone has famous apiece added for a daylong time. Working with him was great. He was rattling participating with every of it; he plays on a aggregation of the songs, especially on ‘Man of the World’ [title track] where he and Dan are activity assorted parts. That lonely was pretty magical. In the instance with transcription we’ve ever uncomprehensible someone in the shaper persona who crapper verify everyone’s input, impact it and then say, ‘Okay, let’s do it this way.’ We’ve ever been pretty leaderless in the past, and this prefabricated everything a aggregation easier. And we had our trusty mariner Dave Simon-Baker [engineer]. I kinda can’t envisage making an ALO achievement without him at this point. He’s got a enthusiastic personality for the flat and enthusiastic field skills.”

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