ALO Roses & Clover

By:Susan Frances

ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) is a 4-piece band from the San Francisco/Oakland area with equal parts of folk, jazz, pop, soul, funk, and roots music. They received media attention in 2006 with their debut album on Brushfire Records entitled Fly Between Falls.

Previously, the band had released Time Expander in 2002, One Size Fits All in 1999, and ALO vs. LAG in 1998. Their recent album Roses And Clover produced by the band, Robert Carranza and Dave Simon-Baker is an upbeat record that finds joy in having a positive outlook about life, even from song titles like “All Alone” and “Empty Vessel.”

ALO live by the adage that if you’re not happy with yourself at home, you’ll never find happiness any place you go, and that’s where their roots rock meets soul-funk. They bring the uplifting vibes of funk into roots music which makes for a divine musical experience.

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